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The Secretary General of the China Association of Traditional

2009年-03月-24日 来源:MEBO
The China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy is the very first and largest academic society of its kind in China. It is a national, academic and non-profit legal corporate entity composed of nationwide scientific and technical workers, supervisors and enterprises units dedicated to traditional chinese medicine and pharmacy.
During the visit, Dr. Xu Rongxiang, president of MEBO International Group had a friendly chat with secretary general Li Junde and gave a detailed introduction about the origin of MEBO human body regenerative science and its groundbreaking achievements and conclusions on regenerative rejuvenation, health maintenance and anticancer treatment. Further more, Dr. Xu highly praised the macroscopic and philosophical thinking approaches of traditional medicine, and he firmly believed that the combination of such macroscopic thinking methods and microscopic experimental science would further the development of traditional chinese medicine to a great extent. Based on this concept, the fire new human body regenerative science was established and the secrets of human body regeneration were discovered by MEBO. MEBO is the first to put forward with the ideas that adult stem cells can be transferred into stem cells in the world. With all these splendid achievements, the process to benefit the humanity by human body regenerative science was great advanced. Secretary general Li showed great surprise at MEBO’s achievements and agreed with Dr. Xu’s viewpoints. Besides, they exchanged ideas on the current situation of the development of traditional chinese medicine and pharmacy, health maintenance of human body and so on.