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Top Executives from Karen Hospital of Kenya Visited MEBO Group for Seeking Technical Cooperation Opportunities

2009年-03月-25日 来源:MEBO
The successive achievements on the human organ regenerative science and technology created by Dr. Xu Rongxiang have aroused great reactions from the academic and medical communities at home and abroad. Following the friendly visits from Nigeria, Thailand and Comorin, the top executives from Kenya Karen Hospital visited MEBO Group out of admiration for seeking cooperation opportunities on MEBO science and technology.
On the morning of Mar. 18 2009, accompanied by her assistant and her interpreter, the president of Karen Hospital and pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Betty M. Gikonyo arrived at MEBO Group, place of origin of the human organ regenerative science and technology and was warmly received by Dr. Chen Yongchong, the deputy director of Beijing Rongxiang Regenerative Medicine Institute, the director of the China Burns and Ulcers Technology Center and the senior professor of MEBO International Group. Besides, Dr. Chen’s assistants Ms. Wang He and Mr. Wang Chenguang from MEBO Group joined with this friendly reception.
Dr. Betty and his delegation visited MEBO Xianrentang Club first, which is an elite private club based on human body regenerative science and technology. And in the central laboratory, the technicians gave the detailed introduction on MEBO regenerative science and technology to the visitors on site. Then in the conference room, Mr. Wang Chenguang, the African regional marketing manager made the general introduction of MEBO International Group, and then Dr. Chen presented the speech on human organ regenerative science and technology. With vivid clinical pictures, Dr. Chen showed the marvelous therapeutic efficacy of human organ regenerative science and technology on treating the elderly and the cancer patients. The visitors were all overwhelmed by the magical effects of regenerative science and they expressed their strong wills to introduce these advanced technologies.
In the course of bilateral talks, Dr. Betty also made a brief introduction of Karen Hospital. Karen Hospital is a comprehensive private hospital. Since its establishment in 2003, it has grown into the best special hospital dedicated to cardiac surgery in Kenya and beyond with its top-of-the-range equipments, including CT, X-Ray, color Doppler ultrasonic, abdominoscope, medical emergency helicopter and so on. It covers 102 wards in total, and has brought in more than 10 experienced experts from home and Europe. Its main medical services include cardiac surgeries, plastic operations, and laparoscopic surgeries and so on. Annually more than 9000 patients receive the clinic service and more than 2500 patients are admitted for aboard treatment. At the request of service extension, the launch of building new in-patient building, branch and chain hospitals have been put on the agenda of integrated planning.
In the afternoon, the guests were arranged with a field trip to our hospital located in Beijing. This hospital has successfully applied regenerative science and medicine in treating patients with burns, wounds and ulcers. During their visit, the director of the Burns Department Dr. Zhang Yong made a detailed introduction of the fast development of burn regenerative science and the clinical application. Then guided by Dr. Zhang, the delegation visited the ward and they saw the marvelous treatment results on burn wounds and skin ulcers and the process of dressing change on the severe bedsore wounds, which was done by the clinician in less than 2 minutes without any pains to the patient. After seeing all these, Dr. Betty expressed her sincere desires to introduce the burns regenerative technology in her hospital first, and then found a healthcare center for gastrointestinal regenerative treatment. Meantime she also wanted to
The top executives’ visit from Karen Hospital to MEBO Group has promoted bilateral understanding and friendship