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MEBO Group through Contacts on the Senior Level Ensures the Full and Fast Development in Philippine

2009年-03月-25日 来源:MEBO
Since the official listing of MEBO wound ointment in Philippine in July 2007, there has been a generally steady advancement of the marketing of MEBO techniques and products with concerted efforts of the two sides.

Photos of senior executives of the two sides

Mr. Jia Jianghao making the report on the development of MEBO science and product in Philippine
At the invitation of General Manager Mr. Zheng Qiming of AcuHerb Marketing International Corp., our cooperation partner in Philippine, the General Manager Ms.Sun Xia and Regional Marketing Manager Mr. Jinghao of MEBO international business department paid a business visit to Manila, the capital city of Philippine from March 3 to 6.
During the visit, the two sides held deep discussions and frank talks on the comprehensive situation of the promotion of MEBO ointment in the early stage, the medical development, and integrated marketing plans in 2009. They negotiated in detail on problems that call for immediate solution reflected from the market response and reached the consensus at last.
Meanwhile in light of the good progress posture of MEBO ointment in Philippine, the two sides gave extensive talks on further extension of bilateral cooperation, the strengthening of business relations and the increase of MEBO’s popularity in Philippine. After negotiations, both sides made the systematic strategy work for the marketing of full range of MEBO products in Philippine.
This is the first business visit on the senior level of MEBO Group to Philippine after their formal establishment of cooperation. And this visit has played an important role in the promotion of understanding and exchanges between the two sides. Further more both sides expressed their strong confidence in future further cooperation to advance the promotion of MEBO science and products to a fire new step with join efforts in Philippine!